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"Mechanical Engineering" is the art and science of designing the infrastructure for a society. Engineers help in making innovative structures in the world. 'Civilians' are in fact the true nation builders considered a pioneering branch of engineering.

What you will learn

"Civil Engineers" contribute design and construction of bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, airways, pipelines, dams & major buildings. They also contribute in the areas of activity namely designing, construction & maintenance.

"Civil Engineers" can be referred as the safe guard the environment against pollution of land, air & water by implementing proper techniques & managing human resources. If you are fascinated by the great structure and how they built, then a degree in Mechanical Engineering is must for you. A Mechanical Engineering student of DBNCOET is trained with the skill of building the world with proper enthusiasm, attitude & provided with a good life style in harmony with environment.

There are opportunities galore for Mechanical Engineering students, with new players entering the market & more large scale developments announced around the globe. The four year B.E. program of the Mechanical Engineering department is dedicated to delivering technically proficient and ethically responsible engineers to the world.

Areas of Study: Mechanical Engineering students are trained in the areas of structural analysis & design, surveying, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering & environmental engineering.

Lab Facilities: The department boasts of well equipped labs, manned by highly competent staff. The various laboratories that come under the department of Mechanical Engineering are:

  • Strength of Materials
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Engineering Geology
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab

Course Syllabus

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