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Our institute is the Pioneer in Bio-Medical Engineering in Central India (Vidarbha region) of Maharashtra. Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering principals and physical mathematical concepts to solve problems in medical and biology.

What you will learn

Biomedical Engineers work with other healthcare professionals as members of a team.

Employment opportunities for Biomedical Engineers exist in Corporate Industry, Government & Private Universities, Medical Colleges and Hospitals.

This field has been critical component of the technological advances in medicine and health care delivery that has dramatically transformed the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the last few decades. Whether in the area of biomedical imaging, bio-signal processing, medical instrumentation, biomechanics, biomaterials and implants, drug delivery, or cell and tissue engineering, these advances are continuing to accelerate. The biomedical engineer is ideally trained to work at the intersection of science, medicine and mathematics to solve biological and medical problems. The challenges created by the diversity and complexity of living systems require creative, knowledgeable, and imaginative people working in teams of physicians, scientists, engineers, and even business folk to monitor, restore and enhance normal body function.

The department consists of well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories which include:

  • Medical Expert System Lab
  • Biomedical Signal Processing lab
  • Biomedical Instrumentation Lab
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Human Physiology Lab
  • DSA & OOT lab

Course Syllabus

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